Constant Vigilance!

So I did something very stupid last weekend. On my usual Whole Foods run, I picked up some apple cider vinegar shots, which we enjoy having on occasion for a quick wellness boost. I don’t know if I was temporarily insane or just forgot I was on Whole30 because eating this way feels so habitual and easy at this point - but I didn’t read the damn label before I threw the shot back. As it slid down my throat, I almost choked as I suddenly remembered I was on the program and hadn’t read the label of what I’d just consumed. I frantically flipped around the bottle looking for the ingredients list when lo and behold there it was - “Organic Honey” right there on the ingredients list.

“Oh f*** this has f****** honey in it!” was my immediate response.

How the hell did I forget to read a label nearly four years after my first exposure to Whole30?

How could I have failed a Whole30 in such a STUPID way?!

Because I’m human. And I make mistakes. And all I can do is learn from them and move on.

The bad news - I can no longer count this as another Whole30 completed.

The good news - I’m still going to finish out the thirty days. There’s no reason to throw the towel in on all the benefits I’m seeing just because I ate a little honey.

I debated whether I should say anything to you all - it would be easy to pretend it didn’t happen and count this as another round down.  But I've read the Harry Potter books too many times and the second I thought of doing that all I could hear were the words of Dumbledore - "There will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

I asked myself why I’m blogging about my health journey in the first place and remembered my entire goal with doing this is to help you find your own #realfoodmagic. And I can only help you if I’m transparent about my own mishaps. You’ll probably make mistakes along the way and that's ok - acknowledging mistakes and learning from them is the only way to keep moving forward and keep getting better.

While I’m at it I am officially removing my first round of Whole30 from my count. As you may have read in one of my first blog posts, I had a huge epiphany when I first tried Whole30 and realized I was emotionally dependent on alcohol to relax. I had no idea until I stopped drinking on Whole30. You can read about the dramatic scene of my revelation here.

Anyway, during my first exposure to Whole30, we attended a wedding. I managed to make my plate Whole30 compliant but was really struggling to stay away from the bar. Two hours in to the reception I caved - I had a margarita. Was it worth it? Obviously not. It wasn’t enough to get buzzed and it was all the harder to resist having another one.

It was a tough lesson to learn but I haven’t cheated on a Whole30 since.

I had previously considered that month in 2015 as my first round because it’s what shifted my lifestyle so drastically - but I ALWAYS want to be open and honest with you all and that includes sharing mistakes I’ve made in my journey. (And one of those mistakes was choosing to do a Whole30 with a wedding on the calendar).

So next time you see me talking about how many Whole30s I have completed, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten how to do math.

Oh and read the damn labels on EVERYTHING, whether it’s your first Whole30 or your fiftieth.

How do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake on your health journey? Is it difficult for you to move past mishaps? Or do you acknowledge you’re doing the best you can and keep going?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! We all have given in to our weaknesses, but it’s how we move on from there and improve. We all are human and that is okay. We aren’t perfect, but we can strive to be!

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